Pure Idol Heart’s 2013 Indie Idol Tournament Round 2 Part 5


Block C


Debut year: 2012
Number of Members: 5
Hometown/Region: Tokyo
Singles Released: 3
Latest Single: Telepathy Mirai / Telepathy Sekai
Website: http://telepathy.asia/
Twitter: @pipipitelepathy
Interesting Fact: They’re “air guitar idols;” they pretend to play guitars while performing (but don’t really play them).


Debut year: 2013
Number of Members: 3
Hometown/Region: Sendai
Singles Released: 2
Latest Single: You&I
Website: http://ameblo.jp/aither-five
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aither_five
Interesting Fact: Two members are former members of Party Rockets and one is a former member of Pramo!

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Block D

Angel Generation

Debut year: 2011
Number of Members: 6
Hometown/Region: Niigata
Singles Released: 1
Latest Single: Sakura Girl
Website: http://angel-generation.com/
Twitter: N/A
Interesting Fact: One of the first things they did as a group were benefits to try and stop AIDS!

Hiroshima MAPLE★S

Debut year: 2011
Number of Members: 11
Hometown/Region: Hiroshima
Singles Released: 3
Latest Single: Ultra Navy
Website: http://www.studio-maple.jp/index.php
Twitter: https://twitter.com/STUDIO_MAPLE
Interesting Fact: They’re a part of a larger idol collective in Hiroshima, Studio Maple, and perform at a dedicated theater there!

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