Pure Idol Heart’s 2013 Indie Idol Tournament Round 2 Part 2

Polls: OPEN

Round 1 has been all voted for! We’re still figuring out the results and how to break that tie. But thank you for all your votes! Round 2 Part 1 is still open for votes, so go vote there now!

And now, for today’s matchup!

Block A 


Debut year: 2010
Number of Members: 8
Hometown/Region: Hiroshima
Singles Released: 1
Latest Single: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Website: http://ameblo.jp/spl-ash/
Twitter: @SPL_ASH
Interesting Fact: This group hails from the Actors School Hiroshima, which also was the school Perfume and Manaminorisa came from.


Debut year: 2011
Number of Members: 6
Hometown/Region: Akita Prefecture
Singles Released: 5
Latest Single: Fighting Pose
Website: http://praco-web.jp/pramo
Twitter: @pramoakita
Interesting Fact: Pramo has collaborated with other local idols, including a joint single with groups HR and Fruity.

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Block B

Natural Point

Debut year: 2005
Number of Members: 2
Hometown/Region: Kanagawa Prefecture
Singles Released: 2
Latest Single: Shinin’
Website: http://www.nachupo.com/
Twitter: @nachupo_com
Interesting Fact: This group was formed from two students at the Tomboy Dance Institute. Since 2005 it’s been the same two members!


Debut year: 2010
Number of Members: 2
Hometown/Region: Okayama Prefecture
Singles Released: 4
Latest Single: Dear Future ~Mirai no Boku he~
Website: http://s-qty.com/
Twitter: @SQty_PROJECT
Interesting Fact: The members in this group are sisters!

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Block C


Debut year: 2013
Number of Members: 4
Hometown/Region: Sapporo, Hokkaidou
Singles Released: 1
Latest Single: Ichigo Chocolate
Website: http://www.cradle.jp.net/mercicoco/pc/index.html
Twitter: @cradle_records
Interesting Fact: This group is a part of Team Crerekko! with units Why@Doll, Snow Drop, Pikarin and Pure@Doll.

Houkago Princess (thank you Chiima for your site for its help)

Debut year: 2010
Number of Members: 7
Hometown/Region: Ikebukuro
Singles Released: 7
Latest Single: Samu wa Fuyui!
Website: http://houpri.com/
Twitter: @Houkagoprincess
Interesting Fact: Their concept is that they’re “dress up idols” where fans can choose the outfits!

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Block D

Budou Idol

Debut year: 2012
Number of Members: 5
Hometown/Region: Yamanashi
Singles Released:N/A
Latest Single: N/A
Website: http://budou-tou.com
Twitter: @Budou_Idol
Interesting Fact: As a local group to Yamanashi they are trying to promote their prefecture, but they specifically state that, since foreigners are starting to like idols, that having an idol group would promote their area to foreign idol fans!


Debut year: 2010
Number of Members: 9
Hometown/Region: Fukuoka
Singles Released: 3
Latest Single: Zenryoku Jump!
Website: http://www.hakata-r.com
Twitter: @HRkoho
Interesting Fact: HR stands for “Hakata Reboot” (Hakata being part of Fukuoka). They perform at a dedicated theater there.

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