Pure Idol Heart’s 2013 Indie Idol Tournament Round 1 Part 2


Thank you to everyone who voted so far! Yesterday’s post will still be up for another day, so if you haven’t had a chance to vote on that yet please do so now. However, to keep things moving, we’re going to try and put up a post a day, especially to move through these preliminary rounds. I also added a marker at the top of these posts, to let you know if something is still open for voting or closed.

c hairmans

Debut year: 2011
Number of members: 4
Hometown/region: Iwate Prefecture
Singles Released: 1
Latest Single: Fuyu no One Sided Love
Website: http://ameblo.jp/chairmans/
Twitter: (members have their own twitter accounts on the official blog)
Interesting Fact: All the members were from Iwate Bishoujo Zukan, a site that shows off pretty girls from Iwate Prefecture.



Debut year: 2012
Number of members: 8
Hometown/region: Nagoya
Singles Released: 3
Latest Single: Real Ki ni Naru Girl
Website: http://camofla.com/
Interesting Fact: The members are also maids in maid cafes! They also have a guitarist member!

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Debut year: 2011
Number of members: 15
Hometown/region: Miyazaki prefecture
Singles Released: 3
Latest Single: Haru Tokidoki no Ame
Website: http://mkm.real-steppers.com/
Interesting Fact: MKM stands for “motto kawaiku Miyazaki.”


Debut year: 2013
Number of Members: 2
Hometown/Region: Nagoya
Singles Released: 1
Latest Single: Senkou Action
Website: http://ameblo.jp/welovedream/
Interesting fact: Both of these girls also work at an idol cafe.

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