Pure Idol Heart’s 2013 Indie Idol Tournament Round 1 Part 1


Since 2010, there has been an indie idol contest, the U.M.U award. Standing for Under Major Unitidol, this award looks for the top local idol groups in Japan and rewards the top group with a major debut. Since these are small groups, this is a very big deal.

In honor of this contest, the staff at Pure Idol Heart have decided to put on our own contest, held in a bracket style. All the groups from this year’s U.M.U contest are added in, as well lesser known idol acts selected by PIH staff. All in all there are 68 groups.

Here’s how it works:

1. Every 48 hours, at 6:00 GMT, two new polls will go up on pureidolheart.net.

2. Each poll will correspond to a section of the bracket.

3. After 48 hours worth of votes, the winner will move on to the next round.

4. Each poll is accompanied by short, informational profiles about the groups AND Youtube videos, to help inform your decision. Vote for whichever group you want, but we ask you take these performances into account (especially if you are unfamiliar with one or more of the groups).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and we will clarify! And with that, the profiles and the first polls!

Mary Angel
Mary Angel

Debut year: 2007
Number of members: 2
Hometown/region: Osaka
Singles Released: 7
Latest Single: “Nanairo”
Website: http://maryangel.net/index.html
Twitter: @MaryAngelRY
Interesting Fact: Their slogan is “Idols you want to support while barefoot!”



Debut Year: 2011
Number of Members: 11
Hometown/region: Nagoya + Tokyo
Singles Released: 2
Latest Single: Yume Miru Shoujo de Waraitai
Website: http://natokan.syncl.jp/
Twitter: @Natokanpero
Interesting Fact: Their name was originally “Nantoka Kantoka” before they shortened it to Nato*Kan!

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Kawasaki Junjou Komachi (KJK)

Debut Year: 2011
Number of Members: 5
Hometown/region: Kawasaki
Singles Released: 2
Latest Single: Kawasaki Junjou Ondo
Website: http://www.kjk-official.com/
Twitter: @KJKOfficial
Interesting fact: KJK is a group formed as part of a revitalization project of the city of Kawasaki, and they do activities to promote the city.



Debut year: 2013
Number of Members: 4
Hometown/Region: Shibuya, Tokyo
Singles Released: N/A (They debuted VERY recently)
Latest Single: N/A
Website: http://londonblue.jp/
Twitter: @londonblue2013
Interesting Fact: Their producer is the guitarist for Japanese visual kei band “Kabuki Rocks,” which lends itself to LONDON BLUE’s rock-inspired sound.

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