Linda III Sei: Hayake Mahcine

Brazilian-Japanese Idol group Linda III Sei has been on the rise. Since their debt last year, they’ve appeared on TV shows, in magazines, and even performed at the famous Tokyo Idol Festival this year. Now, they’re back again for their third single, Hayake Machine.

The group seems to be sticking to their usual, techno sound. Honestly, I think it has to be my least favorite single from them. It sounds a little too autotuned, and its missing that fun tune that Ez Zoo ad Aiken Anthony had. They’re last two previous singles sounded kind of a mess, and was all over the place, but at least it was catchy. The dancing seems to be improving a lot, but is still not at the level where it could be. Although fun and interesting, The PV also seems to be even more low budget than previously. I like the sun-like costumes, they remind of something momoclo would wear.

As I stated in their last single post, this group could really go far if they make their music, choreography, and PV’s better. I’ll continue to follow this group to see where they go!

Hayake Machine goes on sale January 29, 2014