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Recently, I found out that the Japanese idol community has been excited about a new idol; Hashimoto Kanna from Rev.from DVL. Rev.from DVL just so happens to be one of my favorite idol groups, and my favorite indie group, so I thought I would share more about the overall group with Pure Idol Heart readers!


Rev.from DVL is a local group from Fukuoka that was formed in 2011. They are the idol unit from the local Fukuoka talent agency, Active Hakata. Rev. currently has 14 members, and they also have a sister unit, D-Little, which often performs with the group as back dancers.

So far, they’ve released two singles; Love Arigatou and Ai ni Kinshai. However, you can’t purchase these singles via CDJapan, HMV or any of the normal international means. So it might be difficult if you’re an international fan to get these singles.

The group mostly performs in Fukuoka, but recently they’ve started performing elsewhere. This summer they performed at the Manga Festival in Vietnam, and this past week they performed their first live in Tokyo. So, they’re slowly starting to perform elsewhere, and are trying to expand.

The group is also very active on Twitter; If you check their member page, you can see all the members who are on twitter. Kanna isn’t on twitter, but lots of great members, including Miki, the leader, are very active on twitter.

I love the group, personally, because they’re very entertaining performers; their dancing is pretty strong, all the members are energetic, and there is some vocal talent in the group. They aren’t super well known, either, so here’s hoping that Kanna’s surge in popularity can help Rev.from DVL get more attention!

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