Idoling!!!: Recent News & Reviews

Mega Idol group Idoling!!! has been on a roll with their releases lately. It hasn’t been long since they released their last single, Summer Lion. The group is back with their 21st single Shout! I’m extremely impressed with what I see.

Idoling!!! jumps all over the place. They don’t have one specific style. They sing ballads, pop, Idol-pop, rap, etc. Shout is even more hardcore than their last single. It’s an extremely catchy song that has influences of punk and rock in it. It’s PASSPO meets BABY METAL. I LOVE it. I love the outfits, the choreography, and the dark mood of the MV. I hope they reach 100k for this single, which is not unreasonable since they’ve been up in the 60k-70k range before. I love when Idoling!!! comes out with songs like this, Summer Lion, Don’t Think Feel, and Mamore. These songs are powerful, and way more interesting than the wishy-washy pop songs (Not that I don’t enjoy those) that they release. I hope Idoling!!! keeps this style for a while!

In addition, Idoling!!! has broken down in sub groups. We haven’t seen sub-groups from Idoling!!! since 2006! I don’t exactly know what it’s for, does anyone know? I have an idea that its to promote the new members that joined. The subgroup is called NEO Idoling!!! and features 7 members. Their single is called mero mero. This song is more laid back than Shout!, but its still pretty catchy. The MV is a little boring, and the chorus is a bit awkward, but for a sub-group song, it is alright.

I’m impressed with what Idoling!!! is doing now, and I hope that they really really promote this single, because they deserve it!