Idol Video Focus: nIo [New Idol Order], Death Rabbits

nio new idol order
The legend that is nIo [New Idol Order] grows in what maybe their most out of control video live to date.

Here is few things you will see
1. Slapping of a fan on the head,
2. Kicking video cameramen
3. Climbing the fan –security railing to sing
4. Other Idol groups watching from a corner in horror

As the live goes on the deeper into the darkness of their minds they go, until they fight with each other, the fans.
The more the crowd cheers the more insane nIo becomes.

With each video live nIo gimmick continues to grow more entertaining, setting themselves apart from other Idol groups by simply going by the names 1, 2, 3, and just being out of control.

While on the subject of Idols breaking the cookie cutter normal genre, we like to present to you.
Death Rabbits


Death Rabbits-“Metal? Rock? NO WAY we’re just doing JAPANESE DEATH POP”


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