Idol Metal Focus: nIo ,Hime Kyun Fruit Can, BABYMETAL,HIKARIMETAL,

nio new idol order
Continuing our look at rock and Heavy Metal Idol groups.

nIo [new Idol order] has a series of short videos called “nIo Begins” .The videos show how these “insane gimmick” Idols reached their breaking point to create this group ,through violence and intimidation.
The nIo members simply use the numbers 1,2,3, as names .The members come from another Idol unit whose short name is Oyapuri  [Thumb Princess]
How #1 became to be

How #2 became to be ,the story of a girl and her bunny

#3 was simple #1 and #2 beat her up with a bat ,which is why she`s nuts

As you can see after no 1 changed she guided the path for 2 and 3
Hime Kyun Fruit Can with their 2nd major release continues their march down the rock road

BABYMETAL Live , is anything else needed to be said

This is a three member BABYMETAL inspired new Idol group from Indonesia

update- We were requested to add this video and link as well for them


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