Idol Focus-GALETTe


One of the great things about the Indie Idols is there is a lot of freedom of movement ,but also on the bad side a lot of groups disbanding . This is more about freedom of movement.

This group that started in August 2013 has members that are very experienced in the Idol scene
Komori Yui—–Started in HKT48, then joined 10COLOR`S, then in August joined GALLETe while staying in 10COLOR`S
Shishima Saki—-Former member of CQC`s, their agency went bankrupt
Murayama Shihori— started in K-Next which also has Shooting Star Girls, then moved to Gossip Girls, who she is still a member of
NONOKO——-isalso a member of CHIMO
Hosaka Ayano—Has her own solo album out and is under the same company that manages the group I`S9
When you have this much collective talent it produces the following

neo disco

Ayano Solo album preview


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