Weather Girls: HEY BOY ~Weishenme~

Taiwanese Idol group weather girls is back with their 4th single after releasing their first album in September. These girls are on a roll with their releases. I guess this is a sign that their doing well!

Weather Girls really adopt a new look in this single. They’ve ditched the Idol-looking identical costumes for fashionable casual ware. Also, the song is closest to sounding like regular jpop than anything that they’ve released so far. It doesn’t sound like kpop, like their 1st single, and it doesn’t sound like cutesy jpop, like their third single.

The song is alright. It’s not a song that’s catchy when you first hear it. It’ll take a while to catch on. However, I really like the rap that’s included near the end of the second chorus. It’s pretty catchy. I love how they incorporated a word from their own culture as well. (weishenme means why in Mandarin) This group really reminds me a lot of some of E-girls’s singles and PV’s.

Overall, this isn’t their strongest single, however, it shows how they’ve changed, and how they’ve blended into the Japanese Idol market.