Idol Video Focus: QunQun, Merci♡Coco, Honey Squash, French Toast, Aither,

video spotlight
I believe our Facebook staff has lost their minds as in the last two days we have posted nearly 50 Japanese Idol Genre group videos ranging from concerts to PVs and other things. In fact by the time you have read this post many more will have likely been added.

As there maybe some of our followers that don`t visit us by Facebook we are posting the same videos here in a series of posts.

As there are so many videos to cover, there will be little discussion of each video and photos .The videos themselves will tell the story.

First up is a concert by QunQun

On December 3 the idol group from Hokkaido Merci♡Coco is releasing their 1st single titled “Strawberry Chocolate”

Next is a concert by Honey Squash

Next is a short preview by a group called French Toast

To end this first set of 5 artists we have a concert by Aither

You can view these and many more videos on our Facebook ,updated several times a day.