Idol Video Focus: nIo [new Idol order]

nio new idol order

Continuing our look at what our staff has been adding to our Facebook over the past few days

As there maybe some of our followers that don`t visit us by Facebook we are posting the same videos here in a series of posts.
As there are so many videos to cover, there will be little discussion of each video and photos .The videos themselves will tell the story.

Our plans for this series is to do five groups each post ,however  there is times when a group is so cool they deserve their own stage.

nIo [new Idol order] is a group that features three members all in a bad mood and one that is crazy character .

This first live begins with members of Oyapuri on stage ,they sing for a short bit before nIo appears and runs them off stage. nIo live starts with the split personality member singing a beautiful song from her tortured soul . She loves her piano toy , sadly it was not played in this live.
However the fun is just starting as the moment the chain is removed from around her neck ,the darkness that lives inside her comes out and nIo launch into what they do best , attitude hard rock.

The second live is shot in a very small live house , putting the members of nIo in the crowd and like the first set of videos this live has its own special magic.

This last live is the best performance in terms of sound quality and it also features the piano that means so very much to one of them.

While nIo is not for everyone , it is a creative spin and a refreshing twist to what is at times a cookie cutter , sugar and sweet dull Idol genre.

I really enjoy the characters the members are developing with each live and it`s easy to forget that the three are members of Oyapuri and this is just their free spirits coming alive.

This journey cannot end without  taking a look at the group nIo came from Oyapuri

You can view these and many more videos on our Facebook ,updated several times a day.