Idol Rap – Another Genre on the Rise


Inspired by Gaki’s post on The Rise of Idol Metal, I was inspired to make a corresponding post on idol rap/hip-hop. While I haven’t seen it quite as much as I’ve seen Idol Metal, Babymetal’s popularity guarantees that there will be a good deal of imitators. Still, rap is present in quite a few idol songs, and certain groups are growing.


One of my favorite groups out there, Rhymeberry is a bit like the Babymetal of the idol rap world. They were also a subgroup, but have since become bigger than the group that they were a part of (Usa Usa Shoujo Club). They have a lot of fun songs and have become an interesting group to follow.

Lyrical School

Originally known as Tengal6, the group changed their name to Lyrical School to break the associations with the adult toy company. Now they produce solid, good hip-hop tracks and are arguably one of the more popular groups in the genre.


FantaRhyme is a two-member unit from Fukuoka that focuses on rap. They’re the least known group on this list, but they have a lot of talent. While they aren’t as exclusively rap-focused as Rhymeberry and Lyrical School, certain songs incorporate a lot of it, leading me to classify them as rap idols, or at lease idols that often rap. However, if you want strong vocals, both of these girls have lovely voices as well.

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