Silent Siren: IxU

It feels like they just debuted, yet Silent Siren, the girl bandol, is really on a roll with their releases! IxU is their 4th single.

It’s a sort of winterish/Christmasy song. It’s not really cold yet (at least here) so I can’t really get into the mood. They should have released a single that looks more fall-ish, but the PV is still really pretty. It features the members in a snow globe. Also, CHiba Yudai, who is a famous fashion model is featured in the PV. The snow is obviously fake, but it still looks good. I feel like their PV’s are getting better and better!

The song is a ballad, which silent siren is kind of famous for. The song isn’t too bad, it’s just that all of Silent Siren’s songs can sound the same sometimes. I feel like I’ve heard this song already from them. Other than their music sounding too similar, I’d say that this is a good release. The single goes on sale October 30.