When Beautiful Dolls go Bump In The Night with Starmarie’s ‘Mitsuboshi Restaurant Paul kara no Shoutaijou’ PV!

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Now here is a spiffy new group that I have never talked about before, though I have a feeling I have seen them once or twice but never gave my time to take a proper look at them… But today I will be giving these girls my undivided attention.


Introducing Starmarie! This 3-nin idol unit is aiming to break into the American market, and is currently in America for Anime Expo 2013. From what I know, there is already quite a bit of information out there in English about the group for foreign fans. I also know that the group itself has been around for a few years, debuting back in 2008, but really that is pretty much all I know right now… However, I am getting a little more interested in the girls knowing that they are focused on breaking into the English-speaking music industry. I have yet to see another idol group really focus on that, and actually pursue it the way Starmarie and their manager are.

That all said and done, today I will be taking a look at the PV for Starmarie’s song Mitsuboshi Restaurant Paul kara no Shoutaijou, also known in English as The Three-Starred Restaurant -Paul’s Invitation-, which was released back in August 2012, and then a re-release of the PV on their YouYube channel this January with English translated lyrics for foreign fans.

Now, this will be my first time experiencing a song or PV by this group, as well as taking a look at the group for the first time as well. I have no idea what to expect, and whether or not I will like the song, so it is all pretty much a first experience for me here on out. Who knows, I may discover a brand new group with a sound that I love, and a style that is different to what I expected of them.

So, together let us discover the mystery of Starmarie as we enter the three-starred restaurant alone in Mitsuboshi Restaurant Paul kara no Shoutaijou. Are you ready to explore?


Oooh, this is a pretty snazzy looking place they’ve got here… and who is that man in the window, I see? Why, it must be Paul! HI, PAUL!!!! -waves-


Wait, Paul? Are you shutting up shop already? But I was just going to go in and look around!


Oh, thanks for letting me in the shop, Paul, now I can take a look at… erm, these cute… little… things?

Okay, I lied, I find these sorts of ornaments pretty freaky.


Oh no! They fell… I… I didn’t do it! I swear!


Oh well, Paul didn’t notice thanks to the music. No need to worry, phew!


Arrrgh, it’s a ghost! Someone, help me!!!


Oh wait, no it’s not… damn, Nozomi, you scared me!

Woohoo, I learned a name!


… Yeeeeeeah, Shiori’s eyes kinda scare me, but… daaaamn she is beautiful!


This one is a cutie. Can I have her? Is there any way I can find myself an adorable girl like Shino? Anyone at all?


They all… look… like… DOLLS!!!!

Oh my God, Paul, please buy me one ;A;


I was trying to think of who Shiori reminded me of, when it eventually hit me… Kaori! She looks like Kaori from YuiKaori!

… and with that hairstyle, she looks really stunning!


I love their location! Omg, it is so pretty!


… Yup, Shino is probably going to be the cutie oshi of this group for me. Look at how adorable she is! And those cute cheeks!!!


There is something about Nozomi that is just so eye-catching, and I have no idea what it is… but yeah, she is beautiful.


I absolutely LOVE this shot. Don’t ask why, but it is just so interesting to me…!!!


Nozomi:Where is that damn Manager, is he under here somewhere!?”
Shiori:Hey, look! I found our plane tickets!!!”

It looks like they are looking for something someone else has hidden, but what ever could it be?


Shiori:… Shino, close yours eyes, I’ve found something… you should never, EVER see…”
Nozomi: *giggles*
Shino:What…? What is it, Shiori-chan?” *blinks innocently*


… There are times where, in this PV, the camera goes out of focus, and I have no idea whether or not it was intentionally. Regardless of whether or not it was, it actually annoys me.


… Oh my goodness, how can Shino be so. Damn. CUTE!? GYAAAA, JUST HUG ME NOW!!! -hugs Shino and wraps up in love-

Leave me, I love her ; A;


Shiori:Does this suit my complexion, or no?”

Do you know how sad it is that, regardless of the fact that she is wearing another polka dot shirt, I can immediately tell the difference between the two shirts because one is black and the other is in the shade of navy!? #Beingfemale


… Yup. I just died and went to heaven from Shino cuteness. I hope you all miss me. XD


I find it funny how it kinda looks like Shiori is copying the picture in front of her, but she also isn’t copying him. XD Nice~


Nozomi:Aaaah, I feel so pretty~”
Shiori:Mufufufufu, Mirror Mirror on the wall… Oh wait, I meant in my hand…”

It feels like Shiori is plotting something evil… MUAHAHAHA!!!!


How can these three look like dolls!? They are so beautiful!!!! And Shino is just so adorables!!! KYAAAA!!!!


D’awww, look at them all, playing make-up together!


Shiori:Nyaaa, I wanna eat it!!! Om nom nom, lippity gloss!”

Okay, I think Shiori is really funny now. XD I am falling for her!!!


Nozomi:Muuur… You need some make-up…” *biffs Shino in the face*


Attack of the Make-up Utensils!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Seriously though, this has to be one of my favourite scenes of the MV so far.


Starmarie say NO to the Paparazzi!


I actually quite like this extreme close-up shot… moreso because it is Shino, of course <3


Holy heck, this is a beautiful shot of Nozomi! Also, I want her lipgloss >3<


Arrrrgh!!! LENS FLARE!!!!!! -covers eyes-


Okay, NOW how the Heck am I supposed to tell them apart!? They all look the same!!!


But hey, whatever, hearts all around!!!


Oooh, legs… <3 We all know how much I love leg shots, right? 😉


Oh, hello there, torso! My my, the editors are spoling us with these body shots, aren’t they? 😉


I like how the shots flit from dark to light, it’s a really cool effect, and this shot looks especially awesome!


Shino (I think):I… I can reach it… that penny… will be… MINE…!!!”

I think that I really want one of those outfits…


I actually love Nozomi in this wig with that lipstick colour. She looks uber pretty!!!


… Not too keen on the wig for Shiori, however. But hey, can’t suit everyone!


Shino!!!!! Shino, why you so cuuuute? Though admittedly, I don’t like that wig on you either. Nope :/


Nozomi really does steal the spotlight here, she has pretty darn good charisma! And oh no, Shino, what did you drop now!?


I absolutely loved how, at this point, the video paused. No idea why, I just thought that it was nicely done.


All three of Starmarie (Oh hey, it rhymes!!!) looking like beautiful Dolls… <3


… Oh no, they turned back into stone! Why? Why must these three beautiful girls be made of stone!… Is it even stone!? I have no idea, but alas… they are gone D;

Well, now that the girls have returned to stone and left me, I guess that it’s time to get into the review portion of the post and talk about the song and video! So let’s start, shall we?

Going into this PV, I thought for sure that this would be about a restaurant… well, it kind of is, and kind of isn’t, I guess. The location itself seems to be set in a restaurant, however the story itself seems to revolve around the lives of three stone statues that come to life at night when the store closes, and what they do in that time together before the sun rises and they have to go back to being objects again during the day time. The story itself is very interesting, one which I quite enjoyed the concept of – I have always liked the idea of an object coming to life when there is no one around, because it is very imaginative and makes you think that objects can have a life of their own… That said, I thought that concept of was executed very well here, and I liked that we saw two sides of Starmarie in this. Their ‘doll’ sides where they match together, and then a more carefree side to them where the girls are individuals and play around together with make-up and clothes.

Of the scenes, I do have to say that I prefer the girls when they are in everyday clothes and look different from each other; I just found them a lot more appealing, and the varying scenes of the girls together just felt a lot more natural and fun. I found that these girls have great group chemistry together, too; they mesh well and just seem like they are having a good time playing around! The make-up scene where they playfully fight together was probably the most memorable, and the funnest, scene for me because of how cute and natural it felt when I watched them. It didn’t look forced at all, and they all just seemed to be at ease with each other.

I am happy that there were a lot of varying scenes in the PV as well; sometimes there aren’t enough scenes in a video, but this one had a pretty decent amount. First, you have the scenes of the restaurant itself, then the girls’ individual scenes and what they do, scenes where they are together, still group shots, and then a dance shot and also their ‘doll’ close-up shots. It makes everything look nice and gives us something different to watch when we switch scenes, however I did find that, in the PV, some scenes lasted a bit too long for me. They just seemed to go on for a long period of time when they could have easily been cut to a shorter time.

Now the song itself… well, I could either take it or leave it. To be honest, the song is not something I would go out of my way to listen to… it’s just not my style. I think that the girls sing well enough, and the music is definitely different from other idol groups that I listen to. The style is not for me,  but I like it enough to give it over five listens, which is something!

Regardless, I do think that Starmarie a pretty great group! They have a stellar PV that could rival even the bigger Idol groups (especially H!P, who don’t ever have a damn budget) and they have great chemistry! I feel that, whilst I don’t seem to care for their music right now, this is a group to watch out for; they have a lot going for them, and they have experience as well, and I can see that these girls have worked hard to get where they are today. They seem like a pretty damn good group, and we should all keep our eyes peeled for them, especially now that they are breaking into the American market.

Starmarie… I quite like them, if only for their PV quality and performance ability right now. But who knows? Maybe I’ll find a song by them that I will adore!

… Yup, time to raid YouTube! Starmarie, here I come!!!!

So, will you go to Paul’s Restaurant?