The Wonderful World of Alice Project Live.

The Wonderful World of Alice Project Live.

The staff of Pure Idol Heart spends a lot of time at Alice Project Theatre. It is something that we have written about in great detail in the past.

The one thing we have never been able to fully do is to capture in words the excitement that this theatre holds when Alice Juban, Steamgirls and OZ hold concerts.

It really doesn`t matter to anyone in the crowd that the groups are using guide tracks to perform to .In other words they are not live singing most of the time and this results in every show being CD quality perfect.

If you’re going to see the groups to hear them live, then you’re going for the wrong reasons, for the real show is the crowd, the concert and the theatre.

It`s an experience you just have to attend or in this case view to understand.


Alice Juban