The Tsuribit Dash: Start Dash! Review


Sometimes when a new group is introduced into the Idol world I become extremely interested and can take a liking to that group and become somewhat attached to them for a good while… it happened in August 2011 with HouPri, and right now, it is happening with Tsuribit, the Idol x Fishing group… I have a little bit of an obsession with them right now, especially their debut Digital Single, Start Dash!

1 I have no idea what it is about Start Dash! or Tsuribit that makes me like the group so much, and I find my love of the group especially weird right now because, in general, I find Idol groups made up of very young children pretty annoying, because they generally can’t hold a tune, or they shriek their lines. In a sense, Tsuribit does have a bit of an annoying sound to them, possibly because the girls have had little vocal training, and their sound has a very raw, and a little annoying, tone to them that a few child Idols have (from what I have heard, at least), however they also have something about them that is quite infectious, and also quite nice. I think that the groups cuteness also helps them a lot, because boy, do I want to root for these lil’ cuties!

Now I am not saying that Start Dash! is a horrible song just because I generally dislike the sound of a bunch of kids singing together, because I do genuinely enjoy this song. If I didn’t, then why would I bother looping it like a mad woman for over a week or two? Really, this song has been my obsession these past two weeks or so, and I can not get enough of it! It isn’t the best song, in fact it is very generic and could be considered pretty bland, and the vocals are not the best either, but I find it has this cute, child-like charm to it that makes me enjoy it more as a listener, regardless of how I feel about child-based Idol groups.

I actually find the song easy to listen to, and also easy to sing along to, which is what I enjoy the most when 2listening to Idol music. I also think that it is quite an energetic song, and whilst the voices may not be powerful, even when together, I do not ind the sound of the girls in Tsuribit when together; they work well enough together, and whilst their vocals could use quite a bit of work before the girls fully mature as singers, I think that right now, they sound alright. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. If they were the worst, my ears would probably be bleeding right now from how much I have been listening to them.


Meet Aya, the cute-but-can’t-be-bothered Center!

Now, other than a generic song that is pretty cute and upbeat, Start Dash! also has an equally generic video made up of: A White room, and five Lolicons in cute uniforms dancing out of time with each other at some points, and that is pretty much it. But remember that this is only a digital single, and they could have easily given us nothing to watch. Regardless, though, I don’t mind the PV; we have dance shots and close-ups, and a few above shots thrown in there too, to keep the viewer entertained for long enough… oh, and also the Loli’s in this video. They are pretty cute to watch, though some of them seem less-than enthusiastic compared to others, but again… they are adorable, and if you like the Loli’s, whatever age they may be, then this video is full of ’em!


The cutest of them all, and my possibly Tsuribit x Oshi, Sakura!

Cuteness aside, however, I do think that girls need to work a lot on their timing and energy for music videos. Their presence is actually pretty good, and all of the girls seem to work well in front of the camera, but together as a team they do seem to lack that little bit of ‘oomph’ and ‘pow’ that could make them standout. Timing needs to be worked on, especially in their choreography, and some of the girls need to keep up with the energy of the song instead of just coaxing along whilst the others do put the effort in. I found that most of them, at some point, looked like they just weren’t trying, but Aya was the one who especially stood out when it came to looking like she wasn’t putting the work in like the rest of the girls, and she is the center! It surprised me, to say the least.


The cute Twin-tailed Angel, Ayu!

The video itself, however, is nice to watch. It isn’t the best video I have ever seen, but for a group just starting out it does work well enough. I love the costumes the girls are wearing, though I would have loved to have seen more ‘Angler’ based costumes, given their concept as a group, and I would have liked to have seen more fishing-like moves in their dance to tie in with their theme as well, but hey! What we have here is okay in my books, regardless of how run-of-the-mill it may seem, and how boring others would see it upon first glance. I find the girls enjoyable enough to watch, especially the delightful Sakura and the adorable sweetness that is Mizuki, and I think that the dance is so cute when I watch the video properly and take note of how innocent and lovely everything is in this video! The girls look very playful and energetic at times here, and it is so nice to see how these kids, in an Idol group, can bring their child-like innocence and playfulness to the video.


Mizuki, the Carefree Cutie!


Out of the girls, though, I do think that both Sakura and Mizuki stood out the most for me; Sakura seems to have a lot of composure and charisma that really stood out to me when I watched her, and she was the first member of Tsuribit to truly catch my eye. She, out of everyone else, seems the most professional and is very well-put together. I think that it also helps that she looks a little bit like Ogawa Saki in my opinion, but I do like her presence in the video, and how she seems to be the most polished… despite not being the center.

Mizuki, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Sakura, or at least she is to me. Whilst Sakura has this Idol-like composed aura around her, Mizuki is just a child having a lot of fun, and she is, out of everyone, the most real and enjoyable member in all of Tsuribit; she just lets it all go and has fun with it, and quite possibly has the most energy in the entire group and seems to genuinely enjoy herself! I really enjoyed watching her in the video, and her lack of restraint in becoming a composed idol really showed, but it made her stand out against everyone else. Yeah, sure, she looked like a kid compared to the other four members, but she looked like a kid having a lot of fun in the video, and just seemed so real and fun. I think that Mizuki is a real treat in Tsuribit, and you very seldom find Idols who genuinely look like they enjoy their work, and yet Mizuki is one of them… also, is it weird that she is the oldest, yet looks like the youngest? I know!!!


Natsuki, energy and cute fluffiness in one!

The other girls are a treat to watch as well, but for me, both Sakura and Mizuki were the standout members of this Idol x Fishing unit. The other girls, Natsuki in particular, do have their charms, but I feel like they did not do as much as either Sakura or Mizuki did in terms of presenting themselves to the audience or showing their charisma and abilities as Idols. All of the girls are adorable and a joy to watch, but like everyone else, I do have my preferences for the members that I like.

For a debut, I think that Tsuribit have done pretty well. Yeah sure, the group could use a little bit of work in 15terms of improving their dance skills and their vocals, but they are still very young and fresh, and there is always time for improvement. Really, though, I am not here for the video of Start Dash!, just the cute girls and the enjoyable song, and if this can make me happy… well, I don’t think they are doing much wrong then, are they?