Silent Siren: Biisan

I wrote about the new bandol back in March when they were releasing their first full alum. Now, the group is back and they’re releasing their third single, biisan.

Biisan is short for beach sandals. (I had to look that one up!) Just like the title says, the PV is bright and colorful in a beachy scene. The girls are playing their instruments over water, which looks really cool.I’m really impressed with this PV.

As for the song, honestly it’s not my favorite. It’s more rockish and edgier than some of the happy go lucky stuff they put out, but it just sounds too alike to some of their songs off of their albums. It’s still an enjoyable song If you’ve never heard any other Silent Siren songs though. The girls look like their having fun, so that’s all that matters really!

Goes on sale August 14