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[This article is cross-posted from Idolminded. With the indie idol group preparing for their American debut at Anime Expo, Serenyty was tasked with finding out more about Starmarie. Here she shares what she’s learned.]


When I first heard that Starmarie was coming to Anime Expo, I didn’t know much about them. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is already a good deal of information on their website, Facebook and Youtube for English-speakers.

Starmarie is a three-member idol group, featuring members Takamori Shino, Aoki Shiori and Kishita Nozomi. The group’s theme is “fantasy,” and “They tell wonderous stories to their fans through song,” according their English language website. They’ve released a number of singles as well as two albums (the latest being Fantazy World 2), but the release they’re really encouraging is their single from last year, “Mitsuboshi Restaurant Paul kara no shoutaijou,” which is actually on American iTunes, in preparation for Starmarie’s trip to Anime Expo this upcoming weekend.

The first thing I noticed about Starmarie is that they have a really great visual style; their profile images are lolita inspired, which makes sense because they’re now collaborating with the goth lolita brand “Opera the☆Dream House.” I also like the image from their newest single, “Honda Kyojuu no Dying Message”, which is a really gorgeous style inspired by a traditional Japanese look. From what I’ve seen so far, it seems like Starmarie puts a lot of effort into the group’s fashion.

Since it’s so focused upon, I decided to watch the PV to “Mitsuboshi Restaurant Paul kara no Shoutaijou” first, and I like what I hear and see! The PV itself is very well put together and combines beautiful shots (I love the shots using mirrors) with shots of the three girls having fun. I also like the use of lighting in this PV. The setting’s nice, and overall this PV is very well made. The song is lovely, as well, featuring strong vocals and some beautiful harmonies. While there’s an electric guitar in there, I get a really classic vibe from the song and the PV, in a really good way. I’m very impressed by what I’ve heard and seen.

There’s a lot more stuff to watch and listen to on their official channel, so I’d recommend checking that out. There’s a live video featuring Starmarie performing three of their songs, and they’re very fun performers.

Starmarie and their management are very excited about Anime Expo, so there’s a lot of things out there geared towards those of you who are going. If you are going to Anime Expo, definitely check out Starmarie and have a lot of fun!

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