Video Spotlight, Today`s Playlist: Pimm`s, CUTE×BEAT, ポンバシwktkメイツ

Recently the opportunity came up to expand the staff of Pure Idol Heart as a result our Facebook page has been updated at an insane pace , honestly it`s a lot faster to update our Facebook page as we can put up something in seconds without a long post behind it.

Be sure to check out our Facebook  as you will miss a lot of what we have to offer .In saying that I didn`t want to have our website followers left out in the cold ,so let`s plug in the video machine for Video Spotlight.

Video Spotlight is simply me digging through stacks and stacks of videos or in this age video links for interesting, fresh Idol videos from lesser known groups.

First is Pimm’s 「I Love You, Baby」

Pimm`s has a classic idol and cute look to them, with a touch of elegance. While I tried and really wanted to think of anything but sweet, sweet keeps coming back to my mind.

I Love You, Baby, is Pimm`s debut single and is a Digital Single that was released May 24.2013

Pimm`s like Idoling!!! Is funded by a TV station

I was really taken in by the opening  of this performance. This group is really new to me and just came across my desk.

The group by the way has a USTREAM show on archive called CUTE de BEAT

And what is one of my favorite videos and that is surprising for me as I am not really into the school uniform idol trend is BAKA POP!! By Ponbashi wktk Mates (ポンバシwktkメイツ)
This song has such a great pull in that I simply overlook anything i may dislike about the school uniform fad. Plus it has clowns.
It`s really better than a number of big name songs out today.