Tsurbit performs their second single

Remember the Idols that were into fishing as their hobby? They are back again with their second single! Fishing Idol group Tsurbit has a new single titled Manatsu No Tentai-Kansoku. It will be released July 24. The PV is not out yet, but the girls performed at Yoyogi Park not long ago.

I was not impressed by their first single, Start Dash. The song was very plain, and the dancing was two simple. But for a debut group, I thought it was good.

Manatsu No Tentai-Kansoku is definitely a step up from Start dash. The song, while still kind of plain, is more catcher than Start dash. As I said before, the dancing in their previous single was too simplistic, but for this single, they’ve seemed to step it up! A lot! I don’t know what happened, but they have really created a nice routine for this song.

Although I’m still not really impressed by this group, If they continue to improve, I’m sure they’ll be great. As I said before, I wish they’d incorporate their theme into their releases. I will post again when the PV is out.