PASSPO☆ releases Truly

Idol group Passpo☆ has finally released the PV to their song Truly! Truly will be released June 26, and it is the second single to come out of Passpo☆’s “New Airline Trilogy” project, which features a single in the months of May, June, and July. In addition, Truly is being used for a TV anime. Candy Room and Step & Go were the first songs to be released in the trilogy. Please check them out!

While Candy Room and Step & Go featured a more happy, upbeat, and silly Passpo☆, Truly is definitely more somber.

The song is the typical Passpo☆ rock/ballad. We’ve definitely heard this style in songs like bathtub and 2Days. I love their slow songs. The harmonizes and blending of voices are amazing! But the PV is what impresses me the most!

They’ve picked the perfect settings to go with their PV. In the beginning, the girls are in an airport. I love the screens with the city scenes, and the desert scene behind Shiori, and lastly, the sunset scene near the end. Well, they’re not actually there. The screens that they’re behind make them seem as if they were really there.The PV tells a story. And while this may be a love song, this song reminds me of taking a journey. The girls have their luggage, and they keep singing “I wanna go” The dim lighting of the PV matches so well with the tone of the song, as well as the outfits. Passpo☆ has once again kept to their theme, and their wearing flight attendant- like outfits. I heard somewhere that Mio designed them!

Overall, this is a PV done right. I mean, Passpo☆ never had bad PV’s in the first place, but somehow, this one is very nice.

It looks like this whole three consecutive singles project was a good idea! Their final single in the trilogy is called Mousou no Hawaii which will be released in July. It sounds really cute and fun, so I can’t wait for that!