Linda III Sei: Aiken Anthony review

Brazilian-Japanese Idol group Linda San Sei has released the PV to their second single, Aiken Anthony!!

I’m really glad to see these girls active on their YouTube channel, and with their releases. Let’s see how the groups second attempt goes.

Let’s talk about the song.

Just like eZ zoo, Aiken is pretty catchy with the bababa’s through out the song. The song is pretty easy to follow. In my opinion, this song is an upgrade from eZ zoo, it has way more experimentation with the vocals and music. I really don’t know how to describe Linda San Sei’s style of music (they call it b-pop), but it’s definitely not idol-ish, and it sounds very similar to eZ zoo. The song is still far from perfect though. The girls need t improve on their singing and learn how to sing as a group.

Let’s talk about the PV.

eZ zoo’s PV was pretty random in a “what are they even doing?” kind of way. Aiken is pretty random as well, but in the sense that the PV doesn’t have a really concrete storyline. In the beginning of the PV, the girls say something out loud in class (Are they speaking Portuguese here?), and then suddenly, they’re partying down the hallway. Once again, the PV has tons of extras in it. There are extras in the school, on the train, and in the room where their partying. The PV is once again, pretty low budget, but this PV seems less low budget than the eZ zoo PV. The only thing I didn’t like about the PV is that the school/library scene and the train/party room scenes are split in half. I wish they had broken then up more because the train/party room scene gets tiring.

Let’s talk about the outfits in comparison to eZ zoo.

The eZ zoo outfits. There were two versions. The one with the short sleeves with the shorts, and the long sleeved version with the cage thing over the shorts. I don’t like the caged thing over the shorts in combination with the white lone sleeves. It was too chaotic looking. The other version looked the best, but in general, I did not really like the outfits. Aiken Anthony PV gets cuter outfits! The girls are wearing casual clothes, which are very trendy and cute! Then, the girls are wearing cheer leading outfits, which are also very cute. The colors represent Brazil’s colors. What I don’t like is that everyone’s hair is in pigtails. It’s cute, but would have liked more diversity.

Overall, Aiken Anthony is a definite step up from eZ zoo. The group really improved in such a short time, however, they still need to improve a lot. The girls still look really awkward and they need a choreographer, But I look forward to what this group will do next, and how they’ll improve.