SUPER☆GiRLS release their summer single

SUPER☆GiRLS: This idol group has stayed in the shadows for a while, and we really haven’t heard from them in a while, in fact, It’s been nearly half a year since they released Akai Jounetsu, their last single. The girls are back to releasing singles just in time for summer!

SUPER☆GiRLS new single is called Tokonatsu High Touch, and honestly, I’m not that impressed.

This single is the same old summer-type PV that all idol groups release during this time of year. I wouldn’t mind so much if the cycle was changed up a bit. Like for one summer, it can be a bikini PV, then for another summer the PV can be shot at an amusement park or a carnival. But no. It’s the same old same old!

Even the same general setting is used. Didn’t the girls go to the beach for their previous summer PV, PuriPuri♥Summer Kiss? And the song, while it does have some good moments, is generally bland, and not as good as MAX! Otome Gokoro and PuriPuri. In fact, it sounds a little like puripuri. Both songs use that brass sound in the instrumental. At least the PV has some good highlights. For example, the paint that they splash on each other, and the pretty sunset scenery.

The reason why I’m just criticizing SUPER☆GiRLS is because they seem like the only group (minus AKB48) who does this. I have never seen Tokyo Girls’ Style, PASSPO☆, Fairies, or any of the idol groups I listen to/follow do a bikini PV for the summer, ever. Even Idoling!!!, who is the most “idol-ish” out of the three, has only done it once or twice.

In my opinion, MAX! Otome gokoro is their best summer PV. The song was unique and fresh sounding, and the PV was interesting with the food and fireworks.

I loved CELEBRATION, because the group looked mature instead of over the top cutesy, but now, they are back to normal. Hopefully, the group can release something like CELEBRATION for their next single.

Tokonatsu High Touch, and will be released June 12.