Passpo☆ shares new singles!

PASSPO☆ has uploaded the short PV’s to their new single, which will be released in May, as well as a preview to their next single, which will be released in June.

STEP & GO/ Candy Room is a double a-side and will be released May 22.



STEP & GO is a rock song, but it’s more fun and silly than previous singles due to the animations. Mio and other members that don’t get much attention have lines here, which is nice!

Candy Room is my favorite out of the two! Not only is the setting really pretty, but the whole song and PV are really fun and silly. The group incorporates their fligh theme more in this PV, Mio cute her hair, and Shiori’s hair is straightened! I love when idols let loose and do crazy things, which is why I’m a fan of momoclo. We really haven’t seen PASSPO☆ “let loose” yet, so I’m looking forward to these singles!


Truly will be the second single out of PASSPO☆ “trilogy” series. It will also be for the anime series Zettai Bouei Leviathan. Truly is a rock song as well, but it’s more relaxed. It reminds me of 2Days and Bathtub. I like it!