Muto Ayami debuts as a solo singer!

Former Sakura Gakuin member, Muto Ayami is getting a solo career!                                                  Ayami graduated from Sakura Gakuin last year in March, along with Airi and Ayaka.

People claim that the good thing about Sakura Gakuin’s annually graduations is that the girls get chances to do other things, but I haven’t heard much about the graduated members of Sakura Gakuin. Ayaka has been doing some CM’s and acting. I haven’t heard from Airi… So it’s good that a former member is doing something!

Ayami’s project is called DNA1980. She grew up listening to 1980’s music, so therefore, her style of music is based off of 1980’s Japanese music such as Mastuda Seiko and Moritaka Chisato (Who I love thanks to Kikka!)

I’m so happy about this! Ayami had one of the best voices in Sakura Gauin. She will do amazing as a solo artist and I am supporting her 100%

More news coming soon~