Ebichu: Kindan no Karma/ Te wo Tsunagou

Idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku will be releasing another double a-side single! Kidan no Karma/ Te wo Tsunagou will be released in June.

I’m sorry. I haven’t been keeping up or posting about Ebichu. Mostly because their channel blocks anyone not from Japan from viewing their videos. YouTube is a huge part of keeping up with idols since most Idols groups have YouTube channels that update with single previews, live concert footage, and news. Until they open their channel to everyone, I’m not sure when I’ll go back to being an avid Ebicu fan because its hard to find their videos. Kidan no Karma is up on daily motion! I can’t find the PV to Te wo Tsunagou but there is a audio preview.

The PV starts out with a dialouge. The girls are speaking very awkward English, but it’s cute! Kidan no Karma surprised me because the PV is dark and mysterious, a total opposite from Ebichu’s usual silly and fun atmosphere. The theme of the PV seems to be makeup and theater. The biggest thing that I noticed? The vocals! After skipping out on a few Ebichu singles, the member’s voices have improved drastically! I like the outfits and the song, especially the chorus. This was a nice change of atmosphere!


Te wo Tsunagou is more like the normal Ebichu. It sounds more like a b-side than an a-side however. It’s pretty normal, and it reminds me of their earlier indie music. But it’s for the Pokemon ending theme, so it fits!



I’m going to try to remain an avid Ebi Chu fan since Kidan no Karma really reminded me of why I love Ebichu! I’ll have to look at their past songs since I’ve missed everything, including their debut song.