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Idol Files #2-Koyanagi Tomoe , 小柳 朋恵


Idol Files #2-Koyanagi Tomoe , 小柳 朋恵 Case File # 0002 Koyanagi Tomoe, Steamgirls center position If stealing your heart is a crime ,then i’m guilty

The Idol Files #1-Meru Yuuki ,結城める


The Idol Files #1 The Idol Files is where the staff of Pure Idol Heart takes an random Idol photo and find our own captivating meaning to the photo .Sometimes it will be funny , sometimes , thought provoking  ,it really just depends on the mood the idol gives that…

SUPER☆GiRLS release their summer single

Tokonatsu High Touch

SUPER☆GiRLS: This idol group has stayed in the shadows for a while, and we really haven’t heard from them in a while, in fact, It’s been nearly half a year since they released Akai Jounetsu, their last single. The girls are back to releasing singles just in time for summer!…

Idol Flashback: Wink


  When thinking about were  idol genre is today ,where it is heading ,you can`t forget where it once was and for me that is the 80`s a time when there were countless of idols engaged in rivalries ,high record sales battles over chart numbers. Very little of today’s idol…

Ebichu: Kindan no Karma/ Te wo Tsunagou


Idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku will be releasing another double a-side single! Kidan no Karma/ Te wo Tsunagou will be released in June. I’m sorry. I haven’t been keeping up or posting about Ebichu. Mostly because their channel blocks anyone not from Japan from viewing their videos. YouTube is a…

Passpo☆ shares new singles!


PASSPO☆ has uploaded the short PV’s to their new single, which will be released in May, as well as a preview to their next single, which will be released in June. STEP & GO/ Candy Room is a double a-side and will be released May 22.     STEP &…

Muto Ayami debuts as a solo singer!

Muto Ayami

Former Sakura Gakuin member, Muto Ayami is getting a solo career!                                                  Ayami graduated from Sakura Gakuin last year in March, along with Airi and Ayaka. People claim that the good thing about Sakura Gakuin’s annually graduations is that the girls get chances to do other things, but I haven’t heard…