Weather Girls: Koi no Love♥Sunshine

Taiwanese idol group Weather Girls is on a roll. It hasn’t been long since their debut, and their already releasing their third single. Sticking with their theme of “Koi” and Weather, the single is titled Koi no Love♥Sunshine and will be released June 6!


Weather Girls are also sticking to their cute theme. The song is happy go lucky, like their previous songs, but this time, the song sounds more like jpop than kpop. I like the song, but itis probably my least liked by them. It will take me a couple of listens to really love the song.

The PV is what’s most impressive! Their first single didn’t have a story line at all. Their second single had a tiny storyline. This single has an official story line complete with dialogue and action. There’s so many shots.The girls dancing on the beach, the bridge scene, the girls writing their bikes-

the girls playing in the water, the girls eating ice cream and shaved ice, etc. Along with the numerous shots and the gorgeous colors and outside scenery, you can’t get bored with this PV. There is a bit of fan service, of course. But I like how this isn’t the typical summer PV. The girls are wearing cropped t-shirts and shorts instead of the typical bikini.

Overall, this isn’t the best song Weather Girls has put out, but it is the best PV they’ve ever put out! Whoever shot this PV went over and beyond for this group!