New Group: Tsuribit

I’m always looking for new groups to debut, so that I can haveanother group to fawn over. Hundreds of groups form everyday, and another group has joined the idol world. Meet Tsuribit!

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Tsuribit is a new five member Idol group that formed last month. Their debut single Start Dash will be released April 22. Looking at their short PV that was put up on their channel, this group has nothing really new to bring to the table. They have the typical white background and normal, (but stylish) school uniforms, with the very simple and common dancing, and the standard cuteness that you see in indie idols. The song is nothing new as well.

So, you ask, what does this group have that other Idol groups don’t? What can they bring to the table? Well just like groups like PASSPO and Station, who all have some sort of theme or hobby, Tsuribit has a hobby. According to their website, all of the girls enjoy fishing in their spare time! That’s quite a unique hobby for idols. They even have different types of fish and their kanji’s labeled on their facebook page, which is cool! Hopefully, they will incorporate their hobby into their releases. Like i RiS and other groups who debuted this year, I will be watching this group closely!