Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN: Idol Skirts and Economics

Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN:  Idol Skirts and Economics

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To celebrate to relocation of our web site, I decided to return to the latest news out of Alice Project.
Pure Idol Heart`s favorite company has come up with a creative way to stimulate the economy.

It starts with the new group Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN. Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN means “Street Corner Conditions JAPAN,” now before you start thinking every possible idea for that meaning, it`s not that street corner so knock it off.
Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN works like this “the better the economy becomes the shorter their skirts become”. So in theory you could see the stock market in Tokyo have such a strong day that Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN will have some very difficult or maybe not much of skirt option.
That`s the risk in this game , while these are good idols we can be safe to say they will not end up all natural as there is limits to every promotion.

Ok now with that out of the way the comedy and in the gutter thinking that you clearly have  in your mind “I know you reading this are thinking things” ,here is how this really works.
Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN is economy Idols as such there is a risk-reward factor. The risks Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN concert dress is based on the average prices in the current stock market.

For every 1,000 yen increase from a bench mark of 10,000 yen a little is cut off the member’s skirts.
In practice this is a good idea, however following the formation of the group the market passed every benchmark that would result in the group close to not wearing any skirts.
That does not mean the girls will be all natural, it just means they have put a new meaning in the word “miniskirt”.

Risk number two should the economy become such that stock prices reach 15,000 yen the girls will end up skirtless ,which is the goal of this group to perform in swimsuits ,safety pants or whatever they will replace the skirts with. One thing is for sure, I am sure one of our staffers will be there to cover it.

I was asked on our Facebook if their debut single “Abeno☆MIX” was a reference  to the current Prime Minister Shinzao Abe ,well in a way it`s more about the economic policy that he has put in place called “Abenomics”. “Abenomics” consists of a monetary policy, fiscal policy, and economic growth strategies to encourage private investment and of course Machikado Keiki☆JAPAN    putting the mini in miniskirts.

Before I get to the members, I want to go back to the risk-rewards of this group’s policy.
If the market had stayed under 10,000 yen, then the members would have to wear ankle length skirts.

When the market crossed 11,000 yen, they went to knee high skirts
When the market crossed 13,000 yen, they would go to miniskirts. This by the way were the outfits they debut in as the market responded with joy of this plan?

keiki japan 4

Now the race is on and 15,000 yen and skirtless Idols. Before it gets hot in here let`s focus on the members.

The group is made up of Sakura Yuki of Steamgirls

Kanon Mori of Alice Juban

And fresh faced trainees
Jun Amaki

AP Amaki Jun 4
And Hinako Kuroki

AP Hinako Kuroki
The group’s debut single PV shows off the fun loving free spirits that this group is. Will we see the group skirtless; I guess that is up to the markets to decide?