i☆Ris Releases “Ichizu”

After releasing their debut song Color back in November, and a cover of the song We Are for an anime, not too long ago, avex idol group i☆Ris is back to release their second single Ichizu.

What happened to their color theme…?

The song is a ballad, with powerful vocals. But the PV is what’s most impressive! While the PV is kind of boring- the girls are pretty much standing there holding candles while trying to look serious- the whole building covered with candles, which is a pretty sight. They even included some shots of the dance, which I like because usually in ballads, there is no dance, or the dance shot isn’t in the main PV. The dancing has improved and it matches the song well. i☆Ris has really improved!

Now on to a serious note, people on YouTube mentioned that the chorus of Ichizu sounds a lot like the song Kimi ga Tame, which was sung for the anime utawarerumono a while back. I checked out the song and was surprised to see that it does indeed sound the same. In fact, it sounds exactly the same! It could almost be the same song, except that Ichizu is more fast paced and kimi ga tame is more slow.

This group really seems to have a sort of copy problem…. In their PV for Color, they used a set and a theme that guardians 4 has previously used, and now for their second single, their chorus sounds too alike to kimi ga tame’s chorus. Are these just mere coincidences? Who knows. I’ve come to learn that in Japan, copying musically, especially when idols do it, is not as serious as it seems. We’ll see what the group does for their third single.