FruPoche: Girl`s Singing Heavy Music Like Iron


Himekyun Fruit Can has a new sister group FruPoche and as their web page says they are “Girl`s Singing Heavy Music Like Iron” So after having BABYMETAL [who I still want to believe in my metal world is related to Ozzy] bringing the genre into a dark world of evolution, we now have the light of this evolution.

While they will not bring to your mind memories of Iron Maiden, Mina and Shiori bring that school days memories of the girl you know is cool if you could just get her to say hi.

You know the shy girl in the corner that becomes your friend and invites you over and her room is full of Heavy Metal CDs and posters and she has a Marshall Amp in the corner.

FruPoche is all kinds of cool like that and while this new unit has some work to do to polish the edges to battle BABYMETAL  , one thing is clear this group has what it takes and it`s not a temporary Heavy Metal group  , they are here and ready to stay.

Only thing could make this better is if they came out looking like the Indie group Zombie Lolita [see photo below]


As I said before if only they came out looking like Zombie Lolita

Zombie Lolita ,yeah I could see FruPoche or BABYMETAL pulling this off.