Fresh Idols:Arrange Doll

Fresh Idols:Arrange Doll

By Pure Idol Heart Staffer:Gaki

Recently I had the pleasure to discover another Idol group and Pure Idol Heart staff has started the process in making friendships with the group that we hope will grow just like the other groups and managers we have made friends with.

The group`s name is Arrange Doll .Arrange Doll is a group that offers shares of stocks ,which in some ways makes the members growth dependent on its Doll Stock holders.
As with all idol groups Arrange Doll goal is to make CDs and hold lives, the more stockholders the larger the venues.

If  you look at the stocks it`s much like joining a fan club  as there are shareholders’ meeting and stockholders will have a variety of stockholder privileges and event priorities and specials.

The stock like any other company is given out at certain times and comes with a stockholders card and as of April 2013 the current prices for D Stock are 1,000 and 5,000 yen.

arrange D Card                                                  Arrange D Card
While owning stock or being in a fan club of a group is nice, the real fun comes from seeing a group live and meeting them and collecting their goods.
This group has some charming members to get to know and support and the members of Arrange Doll are


arrange chiaki

arrange Yuki
Yuki has been the most outspoken member, she first reached out to Pure Idol Heart in Japanese and sadly I was away at the time and could not thank her properly, but by the time I had returned home she had reached out in English and I was able to at last greet her properly.
As we do this site for Idol fans that have trouble understanding Japanese, Yuki maybe someone you want to make your oshimen from Arrange Doll


arrange Erika
Erika was the first member that Pure Idol Heart was able to exchange greetings with on twitter, nothing major just the polite Japanese thank you and you’re welcome for following each other on twitter. This is actually pretty common to do with Idols.
arrange Eririn


arrange Yu-min

arrange Riina

arrange Ma-mi

arrange Yuna
Arrange Doll Secretariat Yuri

arrange Yuri
Let`s end this preview with the group in action

While there is much left to learn about this group ,Pure Idol Heart  staffers have already started making plans to add this group to our live event regular  schedule and feel their best is yet to come.