Idol Round Up: Steamgirls,Alice Juban ,CoCoRo ,CoverGirls,

Idol Round Up: Steamgirls,Alice Juban ,CoCoRo ,CoverGirls,

There are a number of things going on with the lesser known idol groups , honestly there is so many groups that I really cannot keep up with every group ,so I select groups that either reach out to me or that I am in the mood for this day or have something interesting going on. Also sorry for the lack of depth , I injured my arm and not up for deep thought posts right now.
So with that here are a few new entries that recently took place.

Steamgirls performing their new single and more

steamgirls #2

Alice Juban`s Anna Tachibana Birthday Bash

Alice Juban`s Rika Tsukimura who is the granny of the group at 26 announced she`s not graduating yet


[There is talk of her graduating as she is a teachers apprentice already]

In the ongoing battle between Alice Juban and Steamgirls here is the latest from the front lines

Alice Warring Idols

CoCoRo Gakuen  [CoCoRo_Gunma]


This is a new group that introduce themselves by way of twitter

And they feel the need to show off their Basketball cheer skills.


Cover Girls
Today we have the group performing live .Did you know they came from the year 2025?