Idol Round Up: March 28,2013

Idol Round Up: Himekyun , Linda Sansei, BABYMETAL, Pock∞t, Yurihime Parallel, Sizukaze & KIZUNA ,Alice Project, Natokan

It`s been a while since I have taken a look around the Idol world. Well actually I have been storing everything up on the Pure Idol Heart Facebook until my time was free to write.

I have stored up several videos so I may do a longer version today then a top four.

Himekyun Fruit Can has put out Buzz Word and continues to show that you maybe a small Idol group but if you have great songs, you can stand up to anyone.

I`d put this song up against any big name group in the scene today. If you pass on this group you’re making a mistake.

A very interesting group I discovered the other day comes from Gunma. This is not your run of the mill Prefecture Idol group. No these girls are Brazilian .That`s right Brazilian girls born in Japan doing the Idol thing.

They bring a cuteness that is Japanese-Brazilian. Linda Sansei  which latterly means Linda King III features as I just mentioned Japanese-Brazilian Idols  and all come from Gunma and have an average age of  13.5 yrs .They describe their sound as B-Pop  ,B as in Brazilian Pop. The girls dance a style called EDM which takes the blends of Brazilian music and dances like the Samba and becomes their own special Idol dance. This group is quickly causing a stir not only in Japan but word has reached Brazil and with their heritage that opens a door to Latin America and I`d take 197 million Brazilians rooting me on in a heartbeat.

So here is Linda Sansei

It`s been way to long since BABYMETAL has been on Pure Idol Heart and as we know it`s a group that needs no words.

Another new Group is Pock∞t [Pock Infinity]

The group now has three members but this is a double shot of cuteness

Yurihime Parallel

This is a group that follows Pure Idol Heart twitter; in fact it was them that alerted me to them.

Sizukaze & KIZUNA doing what they do best rock

Over at Alice Project they have made a new group, which I think they may have been lots of drinking as this costume meeting was taking place.

Keiki Japan


Features Trainees Amaki Jun, Hinako Kuroki, Alice Juban`s princess of hotness Mori Kanon and Steamgirls Sakura Yuki

Last we have Natokan in Panda gone wota.  Watch only the panda; repeat only the panda for the entire video.


Until next time