Idol Round Up: BELLRING, Doll☆Elements, Electric Ribbon

Idol Round Up: BELLRING, Doll☆Elements, Electric Ribbon

Well the magic ball of Idol genre has thrown up some interesting artists today

Just when I thought  no one  could match the strangeness that is BiS  ,BELLRING managed to top it  and leave me not knowing if I like it or need a stiff drink and watch it with Pink Floyd`s the wall in the background.

Now you may be saying to yourself you’re being dramatic, am I? This group has a cute strangeness to them. Back in December they made their point clearly that you should stock their goods without question.

All kidding aside, this is a real interesting group to get into.



This is a cute little group  that sounds great  together .At times you find groups at this level that maybe lacking some in singing , but not this group .Every time I hear something by them it`s always pleasing to listen to.

You really should give this group a chance

A group that recently crossed my path is Electric Ribbon .This is a cute older Idol group
Who says you can`t be an idol if your older than 10 [lol my little poke at how crazy this genre is over junior idols]
Electric Ribbon is a group I really want to get to know better.