Idol Round Up : スチームガールズ ,Links, Babyraids, Doll☆Elements ,Party Rockets ,Natokan,

Time for a new round of Idol Round Up :  スチームガールズ ,Links, Babyraids, Doll☆Elements ,Party Rockets ,Natokan,

It`s been a while since my time allowed me to post on the website so I have been doing quick updates on our Facebook.

The Steamgirls have released a short preview for their single HIGH and LOW .The single is a collaboration single with big sisters Alice Juban. The CD is projected to be #13 for the week. I really love this group  ,they are a fun group with a special style.

Recently they won their vote battle with Alice Juban and with victory comes reward.

Links [not to be confused with LinQ]
This is a really good and up and coming idol group .My only turn off is the school uniforms , is really needed for 90% of the Idol groups to look like they come from a school academy . It`s like America in the 80`s heavy metal movement when a band hit top of the charts and labels suddenly started to sign every band that looked and sounded like them and flooded the market.
Despite the uniform concept in this video the group is just good and that can`t be ignored.

While not an Indie Babyraids performs with a lot of Indies  so they get a free pass onto Idol Round Up.

Has a new single out  for the school uniform loving Idol groups fans.

Party Rockets has a new song that written for them by the singer of the rock band Mr. Big Eric Martin. This song fits them perfectly and is one of my favorite songs out.

If you’re not up on rock and Eric Martin , he is a tremendous singer and songwriter ,whose band is more famous in Japan and other countries then in their homeland of USA.

Lastly your late for work ,wife, husband , boyfriend, girlfriend on you case and who pulls up next to you all geared up like they are going on spring break Natokan  [Nantoka*Kantoka]