i☆Ris is back with “We are!”

Remember i☆RiS? The six member group debuted with avex back in December with their single Color. I wrote an an article about them here.

They’ll be their releasing their first mini album titled Cover☆RiS on April 3rd. Like the name suggests, the girls will be covering some popular songs. One of those songs was the theme song to One Piece titled We Are. Many many people have covered this song, so I guess i☆RiS jumped on the bandwagon (lol). Anyway, the girls choose to do a PV for this song to promote their album.

Who can hate this song? I don’t even watch One Piece and I like this song! But everything is so standard about this PV. Although the PV is cute, they could have done something more wacky, crazy and fun to match this wacky, crazy and fun song. But they didn’t…

But I understand. being a new idol group amongst the thousands of idols groups is tough. Covering popular songs, or being an idol-anime unit is a good technique to gain a fan base, and fast. I’ll check out their mini album, because I like the vocals, and the overall sound of this group, but I definitely hope the girls start to release some original music after this!



track list

    1.  We Are!
    2. Sorairo Days
    3. Teikan Hikou
    4. Ojamajo Carnival
    5. 1000% SPARKLING!
    6. Saikou Pare Parade