Ami~Gas (アミ〜ガス)

Ami~Gas (アミ〜ガス) ( Fukui Prefecture)


Being gathered as CM models for Ami in the Spring of 2011, “Ami~Gas”, started as models  Alplaza-Ami stores, their objective is to appear at U.M.U., as they have recently moved from being models to Idols.

Ami~Gas is derived from the Spanish word “Amiga” which is the feminine form of saying “Friend” Like Mi Amiga –My Friend.

Ami~Gas not only has the goal of becoming national Idols hey hope to grow to 100 members strong

Ami~Gas call Fukui Prefecture home.

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Hinano (1st Gen)
Nickname – Naano
Height – 165 cm

Jessica (1st Gen)
Nickname – Jessica
Height – 165.5 cm

Hanna (1st Gen)
Nickname – Hannah
Height – 158 cm

Yuma (1st Gen)
Nickname – Yumarin
Height – 148 cm

Yuuho (1st Gen)
Nickname – Yuuho
Height – 161 cm

Mao (2nd Gen)
Nickname – Maonyan
Height – 162 cm

Misaki (2nd Gen)
Nickname – Misaki
Height – 151 cm

Yurina (2nd Gen)
Nickname – Yurina
Height – N/A

Members Photos