Alice Project: Video Perfection

Alice Project: Video Perfection

In the Indie ranks you have two types of idol companies, the not very well funded that shoot videos that look like a bunch of friends done it in 30 minutes and the Major Indies that are well funded and their videos rival or even pass those of many major Idols.

Alice Project is in the upper class of Indies. While the members proclaim poverty and those that live together label their toilet paper and use the bathroom sink as a dishwasher, their company is not living in poverty.

Currently the big two of Alice Project are living the Indie good life with a joint collaboration single that has been # 1 in the Indie Charts for two weeks and was #13 on Oricon with just under 9,000 CDs sold in a week.

The groups perform nightly to full crowds at their 400 capacity theatre, the largest of any Idol Theatre in Tokyo. Sorry AKB you may sell millions, but your theatre can`t beat these girls in space.

Since the debut of the single the units have been shopping it across Japan and showing up at record stores all over.

alice x steam tower tusudanuma

But one thing was missing the all-important promotional video, which has now been taken care of.

One of the first mails I got on this was from Pure Idol Heart staffer Paul, who said “I know every room those videos were shot in”. That`s right folks, when you have a huge state of the art theatre and an advertising asset [you will get that when you watch the Steamgirls PV], you might as well use them.

Seeing how the staff of Pure Idol Heart loves this company , lives at the theatre and pretty much get all crazy like a drunk on an all you can drink night bender  at the sight of anything Alice Project ,you knew that we would not pass this moment up to enjoy this.

While Paul is an Alice Juban man first and Steamgirls 2nd , for me it`s Steamgirls , I just love the underdogs ,the little puppy that tries to be the big dog on the porch and the little sisters of the poor come to this party fully loaded ,with masks , laser guns , cuteness ,attitude and assets.

The girls pulled out their best corsets, signature ear muffs and vocal talent of a group that just blends so well together. Not to mention those innocent smiles that will make any wota hand over his wallet and say here sell me every bit of merchandise you have.

While Steamgirls for  me is a group that in their short history has yet to do one thing wrong and knows of no red-carpet event they wouldn`t crash for attention , giving their big sisters Alice Juban a hand full brand of idols .Alice Juban also come to this party equally well armed.


Alice Juban, the never seen a horror movie they didn`t think was awesome or can have enough weapons idols, do in their video simply what they do best and that is everything.

If there was any group that fit their roles it`s Alice Juban.

And with all their talent, their time to breakout like Steamgirls is about to come. They are also reminding me that Amu was the reason I liked Alice Juban to start with pre-Steamgirls.

Watching these two units grow is like watching a Formula 1 race car vs. a go-cart, the gap between them and many other Indies is growing by the week, but with all their success, they still have that wall to break and break into the majors.

These groups are off to a hot start this year and were they go next could make or break these groups ,but whatever their next steps they have shown with these videos that Alice Project groups are a cut above and video perfection to their Indie Rivals.


Alice Juban