Alice Juban x Steamgirls : Fruits of Determination

Alice Juban x Steamgirls : Fruits of Determination

When an Idol group or in this case groups put in the effort to stand out it brings results and fan interest. In Idol genre there is that feeling that all groups should be very cookie cutter Idols that pretty much dance to the beat of the same drum, to the point that they all look and sound the same.
But that is not the same for every fan, those of us who like more heavy metal in our lives ,enjoy the strange and bizarre idols. I am not the cookie cutter type ,I like groups who are the types that take the cookie cutter image and burns it. The Idols that say “this is who we are and we are not following tradition”.

Take a look at the rock band AC/DC they are successful for two reasons 1.They write good songs every time they put out an album 2. They know who they are and don`t try to be anything else.

Number two brings me to the point of this post.

Alice Juban x Steamgirls:  They know who they are and don`t try to be anything else ,from their debuts what you see is what you get . There is no sugarcoating these groups, they are what they are a growing force of change in the Idol Industry. Mask wearing , chainsaw carrying , laser shooting Idols of the apocalypse. One who looks to the film Halloween for inspiration and one that combines steam punk and cyber punk .Two groups that are like bugs , if the world ended today , they would be the first to rise from the ashes to lead road warring clans for what is left.

Alice Juban



steamgirls #2

On March 6 the two groups released a double A side collaboration CD single and set out like an army on the march hitting every Tower , HMV  and any other record store in Tokyo to promote their CD. The results were an opening day Oricon ranking of #6.

Alice Armyalice x steam tower tusudanumaalice-x-steam-village-vanguard (1)Steamgirls marching out on their PV Shoot

steamgirls street

Their hard work didn`t end there as the two groups combined for a show full of timely dance routines  and all the classic style that makes these two groups great.

The final sales outcome will not be known for a few days and with the single dropping to 20 after a strong debut ,the hope is that these Indie Idols can crack the top 20 for the week. Even if they don`t they are creating noise in their theatre not far from the 48`s building . And if the early signs of success that we have seen at the theatre are any indication of what is to come , then it`s only a matter of time before Alice Juban and Steamgirls taste the fruits of determination and take their place alongside other famous national Idols.