Random Idol Thoughts: Fun with Indie Idols

Random Idol Thoughts: Fun with Indie Idols

Fan made PIH Sign

One of the things that I like about the groups that don`t work for a famous agency is that they have wild shows.It`s easier and more fun to talk to the members after events and they are known to do some odd things at lives or in general. This is my top ten list of random things you will see Indie Idol groups do.

#10 you may find them doing a broom dance in front of Shibuya 109

#9 they have their own special way to promote a show

#8 they may be sitting in the crowd at a LinQ Live

# 7 speaking of being in crowds, they may just get in the crowd as their producer performs

#6 you may see two guys dancing on stage with the group and it is not  a TV comedy skit  [ it is the group in #7  by the way]

#5 you can win an auction for a one fan live and get a pair of signed Idols underwear to wear on your head

#4 they will play with their fans and even throw your glasses to the back of the live house

#3 they will ride a boat in the crowd and Stage Dive into the crowd

#3B they will suddenly run off the stage and perform with wotas dancing as back dancers

#2 they will Crowd walk on your shoulders while wearing a shirt that has the words “ F###ing Killer Idol unit [uncensored of course]

#2 B she will spit water from her mouth on you while wearing the same shirt

#1 B it`s just a cooler show to be at

#1A they may not sale a million CDs each single, but their theatre is 2xs bigger than a group named 48 and they will dress as maids and confess they like you and give you candy on Valentine’s Day