Random Idol Thoughts: Alice Juban vs. Steamgirls the War

Inside Alice Project theatre there is an emotional battle underway, this battle features the upstart youngsters, the broke Idols known as Steamgirls. Their opponents, their mentors, their elders Alice Juban.

At stake? The best of the best at their theatre
Part 1

Part 2


steamgirls #2
This battle is not some mean spirited move, or some stunt to sell loads of CDs .It is two groups from the same company determined that each night at their theatre they will be the best group. Steamgirls have vowed by this summer to be the top group and defeat their elders in this battle.

I wonder how much different, how much stronger Hello! Project would be today, if C-ute and Berryz openly went to war with their elders Morning Musume for company popularity and bragging rights.

Things like this doesn`t happen in big houses ,Avex there is an order of rank and the haves will have it all and the others what is left. Hello! Project has always been about Morning Musume, the group can be all 10 year olds and they still be the top group, that`s just the way it is.

I have a lot of respect for those involved with Alice Project, they have said we are a small name Idols, but we will go to the heart of AKB48 and get a theatre that seats 400 and has double the space of AKB48 theatre.

We respect the elder roles, but that doesn`t mean to surrender to them, for battle makes everyone stronger.

When Alice Juban first came out, I was pulled to this group and company. Then one day Tomoe and Satsuki [the two girls speaking at the start of part 2 Tomoe is on the left] arrived first as OZ members, then creating Steamgirls my heart went with them.

I once questioned that choice until I saw a documentary on their leader Satsuki and how hard they worked and had so little to show for it. It was then my support for them to have success was sealed. I also want Alice Juban, the current members of OZ and the trainees to succeed, the genre needs groups like these to rise up from the bottom, without well-known connections clearing a path for them.

When thinking about if inter-agency rivalries are the way to go, I asked this question to someone who has a personal view on this, my youngest .In a few days she and the rest of her group mates will be making their Indie Idol group debut. While they are part of a three group agency all debuting together, her group plans to defeat their two sister groups at each event they are together. She supports these type promotions and welcomes it, it`s the mindset of Indie Idols.

Every team, every group needs rivalry and competition be it from inside or out, it creates bonds and determination. Alice Project rivalry is creating bonds, while keeping the family together as one. The groups of Alice Project can`t defeat the big name groups, nor can any Indie Idol. They are not trying to, what they are trying to do is position themselves to be the best of the Independents, so when the door opens to move up, they will be ready.

For me , this we are not going to be like the big names , is another step in making the Indies so special , it is a community ,a lifestyle of its own and I will be supporting  Steamgirls in their fight .In the end whoever wins ,the company also wins as their groups will be stronger for it.

Steamgirls the underdog Idols