Random Idol Thoughts: A Very Alice Juban Birthday


mori bday

On the 11th was Alice Juban`s Mori Kanon 23rd Birthday .For an Idol that ranks at the end of your Idol cycle and you start to think about life after Idol. This would be true if Kanon was the oldest member of Alice Juban ,which she is not. It would be true if Alice Juban was her only job. The frustrating life of Indie Idols is that very often being an Idol is merely a part time job  that you do outside of your main job ,or Idol is your main job and working as a maid café girl , teacher’s aid is your part time job or an number of jobs.  This often allows you to throw traditional rules out the window and an Indie  Idol can be an Idol for as long as her heart and fans connect, as both Idol and fan want the same goal , to see her reach national Idol and major label debut regardless of age.

The devil is really in the detail and how an idol views her situation. There are some Indie Idols whose companies are so well off that it allows the Indie Idol to enjoy a life as a fulltime Idol ,enjoying all the perks that goes with only having to worry about Idol life.

As being an Indie Idol  is a special type of Idol ,they develop a special bond with their fans , for example Pure Idol Heart staff has been to Alice Project Theatre so much that Alice Juban members greet PIH staff by first name as they pass each other on the stairs.

One of the special bonds that is so fun to share on the Indies level is an Idols birthday .Indie Idol birthday events  are unlike anything you see at a major name group ,here is a special video look as Alice Juban`s Mori Kanon`s birthday bash.

[In the back half of this video , our wota from our January Interview gives her views on this event]

kanon mori 3

Crying on floor ,overcome by joy

alice boat 2

Boat ride for solo in song