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Random Idol Thoughts: A Very Alice Juban Birthday

mori bday

  On the 11th was Alice Juban`s Mori Kanon 23rd Birthday .For an Idol that ranks at the end of your Idol cycle and you start to think about life after Idol. This would be true if Kanon was the oldest member of Alice Juban ,which she is not. It…

Shooting Star Girls Performance

shooting star girls

The other day I introduced you a little bit to a Fukuoka Idol Group known as Shooting Star Girls , at the time there was not much more than a dance room preview , the first video below . Now I have a bit of the group performing live to…

The Wonderful World of Alice Project

In the past we have mentioned all the wonderful things about Alice Project Theatre ,interviewed a female Alice Juban wota and on our old blog , i did a three part feature explaining who was in the main groups ,sub groups and what units were the juniors to who. Today…

paletの涙☆つゆだく #001-05


palet staff has uploaded episode five of the groups web show .This week they recap the scores from past episodes and one member ends up with a deep fry phone and tries not to cry.

Idol Round Up:青SHUN学園,Shooting Star Girls ,S★UTHERN CROSS,MINGO!×MINGO!,


  Idol Round Up:青SHUN学園,Shooting Star Girls ,S★UTHERN CROSS,MINGO!×MINGO!, One Round Up is just not enough today to get everything in , so here is round two 青SHUN学園 One of the first things that you may or may not notice  there is two guys in the group sort of . It`s…

Idol Round Up:Ultragirls,TNYGINA,10COLOR`S,Idol College


So many groups , so little time .What does the magic 8 ball have to say today Ultragirls doing their official fight song This was the group that I showed before doing wota chants  until Love Mark removed it , not sure why ,but they should have left it up…

Idol Live: Alice Juban


Alice Juban in concert from their new Akihabara based Theatre P.A.R.M.S. The theatre seats 400 and is the largest Idol theatre in service

Idoling!!!: Sakura Thank you

Sakura Thank you

In the midst of reading about scandals, and viewing all of the new singles that have come out, I seem to have left out Idoling!!!’s new single… oops. Better late than never right? Sakura Thank you is Idoling!!!’s 19th single! The song takes on a soft, and kind of generic…

Idol Group QunQun go Bowling


QunQun has a really fun USTREAM Show recently they were bowling ,something they have done 13 times .Archives of various shows are on their Ustream site   Video streaming by Ustream

Idol Round Up :Cover Girls, RYUTist, Loop, シブヤDOMINION


  Our first official Idol Round Up since moving to our new website. Idol Round Up is a collection of Idol group videos with some commentaries designed to introduce you to some groups you may have not seen before. First up is Cover Girls Cover Girls another of the school…