Idol Round Up-LinQ ,Alice Project ,DANCEROID

Sorry for the lack of posts, had things to tend to .I have been trying to decide just what is round up worthy and what is not and that has been a hard choice as the Indie genre is red hot right now as is the majors and with more and more Indie groups going major, it makes for hard choices.

Anytime an Idol group gets their hands on a video camera, fun is to be had .LinQ managed to find one

Itoh Maki

Gotoh Rikako

I know we live at Alice Project, but things are really jumping at the company, the Steamgirls have a PV that will be out soon and a new single .Their parent company has made new intro movies for their live shows for both the Steamgirls and Alice Juban.


steamgirls street

Alice Juban


This is one of the best openings to a live out today.
Inside the theatre the two units are throwing everything they have at each other, with sometimes the activities going into the streets of Akihabara. On the 24th both groups gave all as DANCEROID was the invited guest.

Steamgirls All members have laser guns now to give a cool walk in opening + My second favorite member Tomoe has taken the center position and got a new corset color.  It`s fun seeing her next to leader Satsuki.

Alice Juban has found more hardware to use and now TP the crowd with their ribbon guns, still not as cool as Steamgirls laser guns, but could come in handy on those days, you not running so well.

DANCEROID is halfway in


One of the great struggles with these round ups is that there was more going on in Tokyo and other cities then we can cover.

For example every Idol related venue was full this weekend with lives and multi act festivals. The largest having 62 groups   on the same night when multi-act lives were taking place in other venues.
The same was also going on in Major cities across Japan and you had bigger names rocking major venues.

Deciding what to cover is never easy and as a staff we only have two hands to give to idols at any one time, well until next time.