Idol Round Up :Cover Girls, RYUTist, Loop, シブヤDOMINION


Our first official Idol Round Up since moving to our new website.

Idol Round Up is a collection of Idol group videos with some commentaries designed to introduce you to some groups you may have not seen before.

First up is

Cover Girls

Cover Girls

Cover Girls another of the school uniform idols . While I prefer Idol groups with individual creativity and flash  that makes each member stand out from the crowd , Cover Girls is  just a good groups regardless of costume styles you may like.

As to the group , the group has good singers and fresh songs and easy to learn dances. As members it has all the elements you expect to find in uniform idols , age differences , and moe idols a little bit of everything for everyone to like.

You really couldn`t go wrong in supporting this group ,there is a lot to like about them


RYUTist [yes that`s how you spell it]


I have been keeping up with this group for some time but never really had the time to talk much about them as I have groups that I get really hot for and ride with them.

I have seen this group improve as singers every month ,while holding on to that moe vocal style that you often find in anime sound tracks. If you like moe idols , higher  pitched vocals , strong harmonies  and some rapping at times then this is one group you can`t pass up to follow. Plus their concerts are easy to find on YouTube ,should you decide to support them.

Coupling Track




Loop is a military theme Idol group that you can find in Akihabara.

Another moe style Idol group , my only complaint is that i`d like to see them in six different costumes or some varieties other than that I like the vocals . The simple approach to the video  doesn’t bother me as this is Indie Idol genre and the groups are not playing with AKB48 money.

The group is so new that much of their blog links are under construction



When I showed Pure Idol Heart staffer Paul this group , the first thing he pointed out was that they had on go-go boots . This a group that sounds really good together , but also look like they are a throwback to the early days of AKB costume wise.

Your best chance to figure out what is going on with this new group is their staff Twitter

And through this women  who is the captain of the group