Idol Round Up; Carat, Verge, ALLOVER, BELLRING

I was looking up were the former members of C-ZONE  have ended up since they ended ,so naturally I started with their record label , knowing that two members have created the group Verge . Well most of the members are still to be located but, while they seem to have had a makeover two are in Carat it seems.

Carat is a new group, with a debut single out called Indirect.
Carat describe themselves as a DJ & Dance Vocal Unit and from the start of their single, you can tell that this song is made for the dance clubs. Their music style is pop& Cute, Maybe we can make up a new term Cu-Pop.

I have put the member’s names on the photo below

Carat Members



Verge is an Oriental symphonic rock genre group, made up of two members of the now disbanded C-ZONE. The members are Yamamoto Yume and Kitamura Shizuka They were launched as a group in Chiba in 2012
I really like this group’s music, [check the lower left of their homepage for a CD cut of their new single]

wistful days




Not-Related to C-ZONE Round Up

ALLOVER the multi group Indie super group is back with a new single and proving that you can put idols together from groups of different companies and make it work. Also for you Visual Kei fans, does this building look familiar to you?


This came to me by way of BELLRING`s twitter and shows the group the song The Edge of Goodbye with wotas .This by the way is not a PV making, instead they are doing a street live on a footbridge

From Live House and the music stops , idols snap into action